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Ташкент, Площадь Хамида Алимджана 13А (Восточная сторона)
Ориентир: станция метро «Хамид Алимджан»
Тел/Факс: (+998 71) 237-0900

E-mail: info@bemidavs.uz




-Teacher of English

Candidates for this position are required to possess strong knowledge of both written and verbal English, be able to work under certain pressure on certain periods, be loyal to their work, punctual, enthusiastic, interactive and creative.

Preferences will be given to the senior students of the relevant degree related studies, holders of Bachelor's and Master's degree and alumni of exchange programs. Due to the high demand for evening and Saturday courses, the availability of time for work after 4pm and on Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday courses is welcomed.

Administration of Grand kindly asks those people seeking for this job to prepare and present their CV's either by hand or via e-mail so as to get chance to be invited for an interview. The interview will be granted after the first stage of selection through CV's. Any certificates, relevant course diplomas, recommendation letters and other distinguished honours are expected to be attached as copies from originals to the CV. CV must be in English, neat and preferably but not necessarily with a photo of an applicant.

- Русский язык

Срочно требуется преподаватель русского языка.  

- Дошкольная подготовка

Срочно требуется преподаватель по дошкольной подготовке, с опытом работы с детьми. 


NB. Those candidates who pass the CV selection stage will be invited to an interview. Due to the busy job routine interviewers kindly ask applicants to be punctual and accurate. Thank you for understanding.


BEMIDAVS/EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER to all, regardless of race, color, ancestry, religion, sex, national origin, marital status, age, mental or physical disability, or perceived disability.

© 2013 Н.О.У. Bemidavs
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