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Ташкент, Площадь Хамида Алимджана 13А (Восточная сторона)
Ориентир: станция метро «Хамид Алимджан»
Тел/Факс: (+998 71) 237-0900

E-mail: info@bemidavs.uz


Пусть говорят



 I like your camp very much. You have very good team leaders and teachers.  I like  you very very very much. You prepared a great and attractive program for us. I liked every day in this camp, I liked your competitions, holidays and so on. You gave us a lot of new interesting information.

We love you very very very much.  Ramina thank you very much, for your waking us before exercises every morning. Rada , you are the best because you are very energetic. I like your activities especially table tennis and volleyball. Russel, Sergey, and Beka you are super and know that!!!

Nazira, Anastasiya , Romina you are so funny and optimistic. I like our lessons. I knew a lot of new English words and phrases. Our lessons were very interesting and funny and we had very interesting home works. I brushed my English and I thank you very much. I had a great time in this camp.

It was very funny in the swimming pool, especially on the "NEPTUN'S DAY ". Also I liked "FIND YOUR TEAM LEADERS DAY". And your PARTIes are the BEST!!!

 So, If my mom asks me about this camp, I'll just scream of happiness!!! And I want to visit your camp again and I hope this will come true. I had a lot of new friends (very very very very GOOD friends).

I think that everybody likes this camp. You are the Best I like you very much.

PULATOVA NILUFAR (CAMP 2TERM)What I think about Camp!     

 I like your camp. Because our room Is small and our beds are modern, soft and made of wood. It looks pretty. The camp is tidy. The kitchen is beautiful, too. The meal is good. It's super that we get bonuses and exchange on something tasty. The competitions are very interesting and funny.

        I also like English lessons. It's funny and easy as teachers always tell jokes. The exercises are interesting. The disco is cool. The music is cool, too. I also like English lessons.

       They are fantastic, with them days become interesting. Morning exercises are effective. After them I feel good, energetic. The swimming pool is super. The water is clean and warm. Other activities are good: Volleyball and dances. The breakfast is good. Everything is tasty. The tea is sweet and hot. The cookies taste good. The lunch has got many tasty things, for example yoghurt, chocolate, cookies and etc.  The supper is tasty and hot. The juice is tasty and cool.

       Movies are interesting. I liked to watch movies in the street. I also like when old women comes and sells chocolates, drinks and other things as here there is no a bar.

     Team leaders always helped us when we had problems. I also liked that we don't sleep in the afternoon, and also in the evening. You are not under control. You can do what you want. We also have hot and cold water in the bathroom that makes me happy!

     I can lay all the day in the room, shout and eat. Our English teachers taught us many things. Like new tenses as they are easy and funny.  Teachers also tell us different stories, many interesting themes about the US and England.

    About sleeping we sleep well it was very cute and there is fresh air. I also liked our hymn, poems, our president. I tried to take part in all competitions. Thank you very much.


       MISS. FERUZA (STUDENT 2-TERM)      

          My feelings about this camp are really amazing. When I just came in this camp, I was surprised. The nature was wonderful, everywhere grow up plants, trees and flowers. The first place, which I saw, was football field. It was all green. All children and team leaders assembled in this field and were divided in 4 groups BLUES, Yellows and Reds. I came in blue's group. Then we went in one part of field and met with each other. From this second began or fun.  Every day we had competitions, parties or sometimes movies, we went in the swimming pool and swam 1 hour. For me, it was the best thing. Moreover we had English lessons with Mr. Khasan and Mr. Aziz. I thinked, it will be very boring, but it was very interesting lessons. Respect this camp! In the school I hated homework but in this camp I did my home works with big pleasure. I could write all my ideas. Our teachers, who read my essay now, were in lots of countries. They told different stories about traditions from other countries.  Each man could notice this, when

I knew grammatical rules, which I didn't know before. I had a team leader Mrs. Nastya. I think she had always wonderful ideas. It will better if in other camps will work so team leaders like Nastya and Khasan.GRAND NEWLAND rules!


In this camp I learned some Break dance's movements. The break dancers were really cool! In the parties we had always the best music. In this camp I met many friends, I think, after this camp we will meet with each other and remember these times. I hope that in the next summer holidays I will come back in this camp (maybe in this summer holidays in fourth semester). I'll come back!


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